About Dr. Barbara Sturm

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s unique, science-based products have achieved cult status with skincare devotees worldwide, and her philosophy of healing the skin has challenged both aggressive approaches and conventional wisdom.

Dr. Barbara Sturm is a German aesthetics doctor, widely renowned for her anti-inflammatory philosophy and her non-surgical anti-aging skin treatments. Dr. Sturm began her medical career in orthopaedics as part of the team that developed cutting-edge treatments for inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis. Termed the “Kobe Procedure” after the late NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant, the treatment utilizes the patient’s own blood cells to produce proteins that reduce inflammation and stimulate the healing process.

Dr. Sturm then translated science from her clinical research and orthopaedic practice into the field of aesthetics and opened her own medical clinic in Düsseldorf. As she continued to innovate and revolutionize the field, she became one of the most sought-after beauty doctors in the world. In 2002, Dr. Sturm developed her famous “MC1,” a bespoke plasma-based cream only available to Dr. Sturm’s patients. The potent cream harnesses the power of the body’s own proteins in a skin-healing formula to address the visible signs of inflammation.

Building on her platform of product performance and innovation, Dr. Sturm launched a full skincare range in 2014. The complete Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics line is formulated for those who yearn for an uncomplicated, yet highly effective skincare regimen that provides hydration, nutrition and regeneration glow. Dr. Sturm launched her Dr. Barbara Sturm Boutiques & Spas to not only deliver the famous #SturmGlow facials but also educate the public about her rigorous, ingredient science approach and the anti-inflammatory lifestyle that she espouses.

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Dr. Barbara Sturm products contain innovative, high concentration active ingredients adhering to Germany’s rigorous skincare ingredient laws. Our philosophy of skin healing also means we do not use substances and ingredients that are both unnecessary for the skin and may promote inflammation, including artificial fragrance, color, microplastics, and aggressive preservatives. We use advanced science ingredients that are healthy, healing, and safe, nurturing rather than attacking living skin.

A Skincare Routine for Everyone

Dr. Sturm’s philosophy is that every skincare routine regardless of age or gender should be simple yet effective and should combat inflammation. A good skincare regimen need only include the CLEANSER, an exfoliator twice a week – like Dr. Sturm’s FACIAL SCRUB or ENZYME CLEANSER to gently slough off dead skin and impurities, a serum that’s packed with potent, active ingredients and intensive hydration like the HYALURONIC SERUM and a great moisturizer like the FACE CREAM – this covers the skin’s fundamental needs.

CLEANSER: This gentle foaming face Cleanser removes complexion makeup and other impurities and prepares your skin for moisturizer or serum, without disturbing the delicate pH-balance or skin barrier function.

FACIAL SCRUB: This refining Scrub helps to remove any dry or flaky skin to prevent breakouts and helps stimulate blood circulation, reducing the appearance of fine lines and leaving your complexion smoother and hydrated.

ENZYME CLEANSER: A 2-in-1 cleansing foam and exfoliator that deeply but gently cleanses and is ideal for oily and combination skin. Removes dry and dead skin, makeup, pollution, and other impurities from pores for a revitalized complexion.

HYALURONIC SERUM: Dr. Sturm’s most fundamental creation, the HYALURONIC SERUM is packed with an optimal concentration of Hyaluronic molecules which
penetrate deeper skin layers, leaving skin feeling firmer, refreshed, and radiant.

FACE CREAM RICH: Keeps skin hydrated and firm throughout the day and contains anti-aging powerhouse ingredients which help calm the skin and reduce visible signs of irritation to give your complexion a radiant glow.

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