Active Ingredients

Active ingredients are found in many cosmetic product formulations are biologically active substances that can have a physiological effect on the skin. They are sometimes also referred to as advanced benefit ingredients because of the elite science behind these ingredients.

They are generally very beneficial to the skin and can improve pigmentation and help reverse the ageing process of the skin. Some of the newer Vitamin A products have sophisticated gradual release delivery systems into the skin called Glycospheres or Microsponge®  which can help to minimize irritation.

Active ingredients include alpha hydroxy acids, antioxidants such a Vitamin C, peptides, tretinoins, retinols, glycolic acid and a multitude of other biologically active ingredients which either work alone or together synergistically to treat a variety of skin conditions. 

If active ingredients are not introduced slowly they can cause transient side effects such as tingling, redness and sensitivity.  By transient we mean temporary because when active ingredients are introduced slowly and in the correct way most skins will adapt and tolerate these highly effective substances.

If a client has been properly assessed, the appropriate product containing the active ingredient has been correctly prescribed and the correct introductory procedure has been followed, this will minimize the irritation and avoid the misconception that many clients have when they say they have had a reaction or are allergic to an active ingredient products.

How to use Active Ingredients

Week 1: Use your active ingredient product only twice during this first week, with a few days between applications

Week 2:  Alternate the active ingredient product with a neutral cream (no active ingredients); use your active ingredient product one day and a neutral cream the next day during the second week

Dermastore Best Practice Tips

Store all active ingredient products away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Generally only use retinols at night.

Always apply your products to a freshly cleansed and toned skin for better penetration.

Always apply a good sunscreen or a product with a built-in SPF – this is important, especially if the skin is slightly irritated.

If the product tingles it means the biologically active ingredient is working!

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