GenoRepair Complex

GenoRepair Complex features a synergistic combination of three different DNA repair enzymes which activate all three DNA repair mechanisms: NER, BER and Direct Repair. It acts quickly, beginning the repair processes immediately and lasting for up to 4 hours. The enzymes extracted from microalgae are organisms which have powerful oxidative and radiation defence mechanisms. Developed by Greenaltech Microalgae Technologies, a leading Spanish biotech company:

Photolyase: Purified enzyme concentrate. Activated by light, it repairs CPDs through Direct Repair.

Endonuclease: Purified enzyme concentrate. It works both with and without light to repair DNA by NER, thus reinforcing the skin’s natural repair mechanism.

Glycosylase: Purified enzyme concentrate. It eliminates oxidative damage through BER.

Heliocare 360° MD AK Fluid 100+

360° MD AK Fluid 100+


360° MD AK Fluid 100+

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Pre-Cancerous Lesions

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