Clinical Studies

Evidence-based Dermatology

Evidence-based medicine or evidence-based dermatology is based on proper scientific Clinical Studies. These studies are usually what we call randomized double-blinded studies. What this means is that some people on the clinical trial would use a product with an active ingredient whereas other people in the same study would use a plain cream without an active ingredient.

For these studies to be statistically significant, a reasonable number of patients have to be enrolled in these clinical studies. On completion the clinical studies are then submitted for publication in what is called peer review medical journals.

Peer Review

Medical journals have an independent editorial board and will only accept clinical studies that are of a high, professional standard for publication.

This is opposed to what we call anecdotal evidence or testimonials. On many websites you will see patients claiming miraculous results with a cream but one or two good results with a cream or product does not constitute scientific evidence.

The Studies

Feel free to download and review the below studies at your disposal.

H.A.-Intensifier-publication.pdf View Study
SkinCeuticals-Ozone-Invivo-2017.pdf View Study
Paper-Stratum-Corneum-Lipids-Skin-Aging.pdf View Study
Arbutin-Clinical-Studies-1.pdf View Study
Arbutin-Clinical-Studies-2.pdf View Study
Resveratrol-B-E-JDD-Clinical-Study.pdf View Study
Evaluation-of-the-Efficacy-and-Tolerance-of-a-Nighttime-Topical_Farris-e....pdf View Study
PHA-vs-AHA-Clinical-Study.pdf View Study
lactobionic-acid-ingredient-study.pdf View Study
Neostrata-Skin-Active-Clinical-Study.pdf View Study
SkinCeuitcals-Blemish-AgeDefense-Vs-Tretinoin.pdf View Study
SkinCeuticalsCEFerulic-Study-A.pdf View Study
SkinCeuticals-Advanced-Pigment-Corrector-InitialStudy.pdf View Study
La-Roche-Posay-Lipikar-and-Microbiome.pdf View Study
JCCD-Study-Neoretin-2018.pdf View Study

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