The trade of silk has a long and rich history dating back thousands of years.

When farmed naturally, Silk is a finite and precious resource. Mass commercialisation has taken the growing of silk out of the fields and into factories where silkworms don’t complete their natural lifecycle.

Peace Silk® is made from sustainable and ethically-farmed silk from rural India. Hand harvested only once the Bombyx Mori Moth has exited the cocoon, supply relies exclusively on what nature can provide season to season.

This is conscious, ethical beauty. ​

Skin Benefits

Silk is a non-absorbent, skin-friendly material that is also hypoallergenic. With a natural pH that mimics the skin's, it forms a protective barrier helping to prevent trans-epidmeral water loss while maintaining natural moisture and oils in the skin.

Sleeping on a silk helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by reducing amount of skin friction and rubbing that occurs on a pillow during sleep. Additionally, silk helps to minimize bedhead and damage to hair.

Peace Silk® Pillow Slip

22 Momme. Standard size.
100% Charmeuse Peace Silk. Undyed, ivory white.

Peace Silk® Eye Mask

22 Momme. Two sizes. 100% Charmeuse Peace Silk®. Undyed, ivory white.

Peace Silk® Eye Mask

Ideal for a 52cm–55cm head circumference.

Peace Silk® Eye Mask

Ideal for a 56cm–62cm head circumference.

Peace Silk® Scrunchies

22 Momme. One size (3cm width)
100% Charmeuse Peace Silk. Undyed, ivory white.

Grown in India. Made in South Africa.

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